Thursday, July 5, 2012

Join our quest to capture this beast

We have been tracking and searching for Bigfoot for over 35 years. We have come close a number of times. We have lost a close friend in the battle.

This wild monster of the forest has many names. Yeti, Abomonable Snowman, Sasquach, The Wildman of the Forest, Yeti Bastard, Giant Monkey, Hairy Beast Man, 8ft Murderer covered in Hair and Bigfoot. We will catch him.


We have traveled a great deal in the Himalayas on our quest to meet and destroy a yeti.

Myself and my crew. closest we came was taking this above picture (they are fast and cunning), the Yeti can be seen in the upper right hand corner climbing the rocks.

Our only Audio of this ferocious forest warrior
Audio Sample

Coming soon, audio documentary CD of our quest.

This man is a LIAR!